Life Coach Laura: Redd was Just Being Real

By Laura Baron

I’ll address the Redd situation in a second but I don’t want to overshadow some of the AMAZING transformation you just saw in LOREN!!!! This girl has fought her face off throughout the entire season…and then THIS! That girl killed this process. I wish you could’ve seen more of her session. Watching her ‘get it’ was one of my favorite moments. Loren’s transformation ABSOLUTELY helped transform the rest of the house.  The BGC house is equal parts politics and change.  So, for Loren to really try and stay committed to change and blow off the politics is huge!

Blu has magic, no doubt.  She’s adorable, bright, and has a magnetic personality. Her greatest challenge in and out of my office was to use that magic for good and not manipulation. I knew Blu wasn’t a fan of Redd, so when Blu came in with her it was big. It showed in the moment Blu was willing to do what was right and not what simply served her. In the moment, she was soft, and loving. Granted, afterwards she spewed some snark…she’s in process, like they all are. 

On to Redd…I’ve had clients walk out on me before, I’ve fired clients before. I know I push it and I get the job done. Often, to get real change it has to get real uncomfortable. Not my favorite part…but necessary.  The guy you saw talking to the girls came into me beforehand…and asked if I would be willing to see Redd if she was willing to see me, and I said yes…no conditions…however whatever she needed.

What you didn’t see: when Redd came in I slowly approached the opposite end of the couch sitting far away from her and Blu. It was actually Redd who asked me to sit next to her acknowledging she needs to learn how to be close with people. It was beautiful, a relief, and incredibly emotional. 

I read the "actress" stuff on twitter about Redd, Here’s what I can tell you: yes, Redd is a character of sorts, as is every other girl in that house. Not one of those girls acted the same way both in and out of my room. These girls do not easiy show who they are to each other without some game getting played. If Redd overreacted and drummed up some emotion, those feelings in that moment were real.  When she came down and let me in, that was real. And in life when you really want to make great change, all you need are those moments.

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