Life Coach Laura: "We All Have a Little Bad Girl In Us"

By Laura Baron

The strangest part about doing this show is that we can all relate to each girl on some level. Who can't? We all have a little ratchet in us.  We all have something we hold sacred, something we need to protect at all costs.  We’ve all been there at one time.  Maybe we’ve responded in different ways...but then again…we weren’t living in the Bad Girls' house.

I read the comments on Twitter about the cast and get defensive. It’s like they’re talking about my family. I’m not saying the girls were easy to work with…many of them were not. At all. But I get it. Change isn’t easy, nor is trust. I don’t need it quick, I want it real.  

Watching these women go from bitchy to beautiful is ugly. The challenge of working on themselves in front of others can bring out their worst. It can be discouraging to watch, and sometimes if you blink you miss the subtlety of their change. But it’s those small moments to pay attention to…

Growth: Blu stood up for Aysia and made it a point she wouldn’t participate in the separation of the house. This is big. Aysia unapologetically went into Britt to talk about what was going down, and didn’t rely on Britt’s response at all. Jada calmly and firmly communicated at dinner why she didn’t want to be called by her given name. Loren embraced her surroundings, upped her ladylike game and even refused to swear at the dinner table. Britt acknowledged Aysia’s strength to speak with her. 

Neutral: Alex stayed compassionate – no growth, no back steps. 

Back step: Redd leaped backwards in a futile effort to gain back some control.   

Some of these moments laid the groundwork for some of the greatest change you’ll see on the show.  Some of them you won’t remember because the change is so great, these steps look so tiny. And some of the girls just as you think they’ve changed, fall back…like we all do.

Bad Girls Club, like life, is exactly what you make of it. There are heroes in all of us. There are moments where we’re nailing life and times where we slide so hard we’d want no one to witness it much more telecast it to the world. 

We all have a little Bad Girl in us.  So, don’t judge.  You’re probably next. 

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