Premiere Recap: "Michael Jackson Is a Part of Me"

By John Thrasher

 BGC 12

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! Bad Girls Club is back and this time we're in the Windy City: Chicago! Which, for those who are confused (Linsey), is NOT in Boston. 

It really feels like this season is going to be turnt to hell and back!

Since this is the big season premiere, let's break down the brand new Bad Girls one at a time.

Let's start with Alex aka "Slim." Main takeaways from Slim? She’s on Bad Girls Club and is self-described as "repulsive," but she also refuses to fight and tarnish her model image. Hmm...I wonder if her contradictions will get on anyone's nerves in the house?

We’ve also got Britt. She’s 24 from Louisville, KY. She’s got a bit of country in her, but don’t get her twangy accent confused with Andrea from BGC11. They already seem like VERY different people. Like, Britt actually lives on planet earth. 

Making a dramatic entrance is Jonica, 25 from St. Louis, MO, aka. the “chick magnet,” who is unlike any other girl we’ve ever seen in 12 seasons of Bad Girls Club. She's smooth, she's cool, she's a tomboy, and she's not even thirsty like Zuly. In fact, the girls chase HER, and she’s made sure everyone in the house knows she does NOT do relationships. I have a feeling things could get quite messy with Miss Jonica!

Next up we have Linsey, 21 from Brooklyn, NY, who currently has a horse hair weave, and says she knew Michael Jackson was going to die before he did because he told her in a dream. Oh, Linsey. Girl. If that's true, why didn't you go and stop it!? Because no bodyguard on earth would let you near him? Yeah, that's probably it. 

Need we say more than Jonica's reaction? 

Next is Jada, 28 from Queens, NY, aka the Rough Rhymer. This girl is NOT playing around with you. She grew up in girls homes, she’s a rapper, and claims she never had guidance as a child which has led her to her Bad Girl ways. If I’m keeping it 100, I’m actually scared of her. The way she bicycle kicked Linsey across the limo sent a clear message to the others: do NOT mess with her. Unless you're Redd, in which case you're welcome to body slam her on the bed.

Up next is Loren, 23 from Mobile, AL. I don’t know about you guys, but she kind of reminded me of a blonde-weaved Camilla. But don’t get it twisted, she’s letting y’all know she is a one-of-a-kind Bad Girl -- at least, when you can understand what she's saying.

Last but absolutely not least, is Alyssa aka Redd. Redd is NOT here for skinny bitches, and she made that very clear in this episode. We learned a LOT about her family and the struggles of her past, which is very intense. 

Will all of these family issues lead to some tension throughout this season? You’ll have to watch to find out! But let's face it, this IS the Bad Girls Club. 

Check out the photo recap below!

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