Episode 2 Recap: Natalie's Mind Games

By Oxygen

It's Episode 2, and Life Coach Laura is here to help! Well, she can't help everyone. Judi shows up to her session drunk, and Natalie seems to be a little...insincere about her desire to be "softer." However, a few Bad Girls are making true efforts to better themselves: Camilla wants to get out of her mom's shadow, Rocky wants to grieve her stepdad, and Danni brings up a very private, traumatic incident that changed her life. Bad Girls can be drama, but underneath, they're struggling just like everyone else.

Meanwhile, Natalie flip-flops on the Judi front: first she wants Judi out of the house, then she adopts her...kind of like a pet. Camilla and Redd don't appreciate Natalie's games, so they confront her. This won't end well! Check out the recap! 


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