Exclusive Q&A with Judi Jackson: I Got a Nose Job

Another day, another Bad Girl cosmetic surgery! Voodoo Vixen Judi Jackson finally has the nose of her dreams! We caught up with Judi to see why she decided to take the plastic surgery plunge. Check out our exclusive Q&A below and photos of the finished product!

What made you decide to get a nose job?

I have always hated the hump on my nose. I'm have Choctaw Indian in my blood and I think that's where the hump originates from. My mother's father had a huge hump too. I hated my side profile--I always tried to wear a side bang to cover it. My dream is to be an actress and I want to be able to play different types of roles. I am very proud of my culture and ethnicity but I also want to be happy and the nose job made me way more confident. I also got a tip added at the end of my nose as well as fat removed from my cheeks to slim them down and give them a more grown up and sexy, mature look.

How do you like it?

I have never been happier! It has definitely made a difference and has made me feel more beautiful. It's still swollen but it looks different every day and I just can't wait to see the final results! I'm so fine lol. No, seriously. 

Did it hurt?

I was super scared before I got the anesthesia. I was like OMG I'm really doing this. People thought I was joking. Ironically, it didn't hurt at all. It was just uncomfortable because I couldn't breathe for a couple of weeks. 

Would you consider getting any other surgeries?

Of course! Lol. I'm not trying to go overboard. I lost a lot of weight and I'm back at my normal size. If I do anything else it would probably be a Brazilian butt lift, to give me a little more curve. My boobs are perfect. 

What do your friends and family think?

My mom always knew I wanted a nose job. She recently passed away. When she was still with us, she was all for it. My mom was absolutely flawless and she knew how insecure I was about my nose. She hated how I wore sunglasses to hide the hump all the time because I have beautiful eyes. My family supports it because it has made me happier. And my friends are now thinking of what work they can get done. My surgeon did an awesome job! Plastic surgery is like going to McDonald's and getting a cheeseburger. It's so the norm nowadays. If you don't like something about yourself, you have every right to change it. Do you! 

Check out photos of Judi's new nose below!

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