Exclusive Q&A with Stephanie George: I'm Pregnant!

Another Bad Girl is about to be a mommy! This time it's Season 10's beloved Stephanie George, who has ditched her twerking lifestyle for full-on motherhood. 


"I've been concentrating on making myself a better person, finding my inner peace and transitioning into hippie mode," she told us in an exclusive interview. "I'm finally embracing family life and am pregnant with me and my boyfriend's first baby! It's a new experience for both of us. I've been obsessed with everything related to pregnancy."


But, the famously tiny beauty is not giving up her ambition. "I've been waiting on my bump to get bigger so I can do some pregnant modeling, and I'm even thinking of becoming a traditional midwife or doula," she says.


We all remember the girl who twerked upside down and hooked up with any lady she could find in Season 10. Sorry...she's gone for good.


"I gave up the Bad Girl life up almost two years ago. It was too draining, and I realized I was getting older, and wanted a different way of life," she says. "I don't drink nor, smoke and I hardly go out at night....I don't regret being a Bad Girl...but I'm ready for the new chapter in my life!" 


Check out photos of Stephanie with a baby bump! 



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