Jonica On Her Relationship With Jenn: It's Complicated...

Jonica "Blu" Booth from BGC 12 and Jenn Hardwick from BGC 10 have had a roller coaster relationship. One day they're blissing out all over each other, the next they're broken up, and the next day? Who knows! We caught up with Blu to find out her ever-changing 'ship status with Jenn, what she looks for in an ideal partner, and more! 

What's going on with you and Jenn?

As far as my love life goes... umm Jenn and I are in the weirdest position. We're in love with each other--but we're single! We can do what we want, but we still get as upset as if we were together! Confusing, huh?! We talk every day and visit each other. One might ask, “Why don’t you just be together?” Well, there are things that led us to this break up.

Why did you guys break up?

I think Jenn and I originally broke up because we were constantly arguing about her attitude. That put us in a "we're on a break but working on things" zone. While in this grey area, things became worse because technically there weren’t any rules. However, we still reacted to things as if there were rules! Right now our relationship is in limbo. Yes, we're free to see other people, but based on our latest convo [a few nights ago] I'm guessing the moment I decide to see someone else she's going to leave completely. Nothing's changed with me though. I understand if she decides to start seeing someone else (nothing serious just the fun dating stage.) I'm not going anywhere unless she wants me to. My blessings to her if she does move on. Her next boo will have to date both of us! Lol!

What do you look for in a partner?

My ideal partner? Ok they'd have to be sexy as f****ck to me! Cute body (that doesn't mean perfect, just cute.) Sexy features--maybe a cute smile, maybe pretty eyes, maybe freckles but something simply sexy. Sense of humor! I play all day so my partner has to love to have fun. Girls have to keep their nails and toenails done--no exceptions! Guys and girls must wear cologne/perfume. They have to spoil me because I'm going to spoil them. Overall, I just want someone who's ambitious and confident.

Check out photos of Jenn and Jonica below!


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