Judi's Drinking Gif Recap!

By Dave Quinn

Via Beamly 

Of all the action on the Bad Girls Club: Redemption premiere, the drama that had us talking the most was Judi’s -- ambitious -- drinking this season. 

At first it was like, “Oh look, there’s our girl Judi being fun!”

Then the tears came...over nothing. 

Soon Judi started to turn on her friends. Calling Julie a minion was a huge misstep. Spilling her drink on Danni in the limo was also a pretty big misstep. Even getting out of the limo was a misstep...literally!

Ordering a Dirty Martini at lunch? Getting in a fight with Julie at the club? Taking shots of wine with Sriracha? Throwing that plant? Putting her hands on Danni? It was one big bad move after the next.

Like, you know things are bad when you're asking Natalie for approval. 

And you know things are bad when you’re your real friends in the house won’t even hang with you.

And you know things are REALLY bad when REDD is the one talking sense.

But then we have to remember — Judi is in the house to change. Let's give her some support! 

Tune in to the next episode of 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' airing Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 8/7c! 

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