Mother's Day Q&A With Shannon: "My Son Comes First"

"...But I still love diamonds!"

Mother's Day is around the corner, which means it's time to celebrate all the Bad Girl/Good Mommies out there! One of your favorite BGC mommies is Shannon from Season 10. You know you remember the brunette half of Shanrock! The last time we heard from her, Shannon moved to Alaska, and she had a gorgeous son, Patrick. We caught up with her life, her relationship, her Bentley, her upcoming surgeries, her new restaurant (you heard right!)...and her beautiful take on motherhood. 


Happy mother’s day! How old is Patrick now?

He’s a year and a month! He’s got four teeth, he’s talking a lot. I’m going to start potty training him soon because he’s pretty advanced. He’s hella cute.


How is motherhood treating you?

Patrick is so awesome, and I love him so much. I wouldn’t give him up for anything. That said, it’s a lot of work. It feels like I’m in a boot camp and my trainer is 3 feet tall. When people say you’re never gonna sleep again, they’re not kidding. It’s the hardest sh** I’ve ever done in my life. You’re not a real Bad Girl until you have a child.


How has it changed you?

I was always way too selfish and greedy. I was all about: how many diamonds can I fit on one wrist? What is the baddest car I can get? How can I be the sexiest bitch in the room? Okay…I’m still a little like that. Not gonna lie. But, I’ve never loved somebody as much as this kid. I’m not as much of a surface, material person anymore. My son comes first.


Will you be sharing your Bad Girl stories with him when he’s old enough?

Sure! I didn’t feel like I was that ratchet. I guess there was some sexy stuff and he’s not gonna see that. But, I wasn’t acting like a psychopath or anything.


What kind of little boy are you trying to raise?

I just want him to treat other people like he wants to be treated. I was picked on as a kid. Kids called me “Shamu” instead of Shannon. I don’t want him to be the kid who is so worried about being cool that he’ll ruin peoples’ lives. Kids don’t even think about that stuff. They’re ruthless.

He’ll have a great life, but he’s going to have to work for things. I had to work for my Bentley, and he’s going to have to also. He’ll have to learn that life is about the choices you make, not about the money you come from.


Are you still seeing his father?

Yes, we’re kind of taking a little bit of a break right now because he needs to appreciate me more. I was kind of a sex icon, I was an entertainer and everything, and he’s not into that. I want to be sexy, I want to be looked at,  but he asks me to roll up the window and to ‘please stop posting booty pictures on Instagram.’ I’m gonna put a fat ass on the internet! That’s me!


Are you planning any more surgeries?

Definitely. It’s not going be cheap of course. I’m going to the same doctor rocky went to. Girl, I want the whole package, all of the above. Booty, boobs, thighs, stomach, everything. I love surgery! Been doing it since I was 18. Stay tuned, it’ll probably be happening this summer.   


What are you doing professionally these days?  

I moved to Alaska because it’s a big summer tourist spot, and the average income is high. Now, I’m opening a pasta restaurant in Anchorage called Shannon’s Pasta! I just got a beer and wine license. It’ll be open this summer. The food is so bomb. My man also has a catfish place, and he takes care of me – but not on the level I need. I have to pay for the surgeries myself.


 Do you think you’ll ever have another kid?

I probably will. Kids are so cute and he’s such a blessing. I have no words to explain how much I love my son. I would definitely have another kid if my man can get his sh** right. 


What advice would you give a young mom who is in your position?

You’re going to war, basically. The no sleep sh** is definitely real. If you can, try to have a plan going in. Oh, and get ready to lose your amazing body. It’s not the kids’ fault, but it’s pretty mind-boggling for any woman to see those changes. For me, he’s worth all of that, though.  


Scroll through photos of Shannon (and more Bad Girl Mommies) below! 



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