The Sarah Vs. Rocky Boob Job Beef

A beef of epic...ahem, proportions...has hit the Twittersphere today.

Let's start from the beginning. Waaaay back during the BGC 13 Reunion, the notoriously voluptuous Sarah told Rocky that she needs to "buy some t*** an ass, and then you can talk sh**!" Rocky's famous response was: "I don't want to look like you." 

Exhibit A: 

After we posted exclusive photos of Rocky's breast and butt enhancements, Sarah was quick to imply that Rocky is a hypocrite on Twitter, using the power of screencapping and Oprah.


Rocky followed the beef on Twitter while bedridden in recovery, so we reached out for an exclusive interview to get her side! 


"Sarah and I have always been compared to each other," she told us. "But my enhancements had nothing to do with the reunion. At the reunion, she was trying to say she was better than me because she looked better than me, and I found that degrading. I had to stick up for myself. The truth is, I still don't want to look like her." 


She continued: "Afted my dad passed away, I chopped off my hair, changed my lifestyle, and changed the way I wore clothes. The enhancements were part of that, and I feel like my true self now," she said."My body is very well proportioned and it looks natural, and hers absolutely doesn't."


However, Rocky insists she's not letting a little Twitter fight ruffle her feathers. "This stuff doesn't get to me at all. It's flattering that she posts pictures of me on her Instagram. The enemy wouldn't be attacking you if there wasn't something valuable inside of you." 


When asked how long the beef would continue, she responded: "Until Sarah's in a wheelchair? I don't think it's ever going to end. There's something she just doesn't like about me." 




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