5 Predictions For 'Back For More'

What can we really gleam from the trailers and sneak peeks? #BGC14

By Eric Shorey

We've gotten a taste of what Bad Girls Club Season 14 has in store for us, but what can we really glean from the trailers and sneak peeks? Check out our five predictions for this upcoming season of BGC!

1. Twin Trouble!

Twins are the gifts that keep on giving. The last time BGC presented us with some sororal sweethearts, Danni and Gabi's double-teaming and two-timing almost tore the house apart. Will our girls Shannon and Shannade (cool name) do the same? Probably!

2. Lesbians!

Bad girling is for everyone, so it's nice to see some sapphic sisters in the mix here as well. A few quick shots of Kat carrying Lauren over the threshold and into her bed suggests a queer courtship. Get it, girls!

3. Pop-Offs!

What would Bad Girls Club be without a few power clashes? From the looks of things, our girl Kat seems to be the most ready to pop-off, this time with some police involvement. Does a shot of her next to a broken mirror hint at bad luck for this bad girl?

4. Boys, boys, boys!

A few blurred booty shots from some muscular looking men has us expecting that the BGC Mansion will be looking like a deleted scene from Magic Mike. 


“I am the most bootiest bitch on God's green earth!” proclaims Jasmine as she shakes a makeup brush against her bum bum. Will this be the most bootiest BGC season yet? From the looks of all the ass-shaking in the trailer, we're guessing these girls will be twerkin' for Jesus all summer long.

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