Amber Spills Some Hot BGC14 Tea

We caught up with The Dolled Up Dynamite and she had some things to say!

By Eric Shorey

With all the drama of #TeamClerminah's departure, it's been hard out here for a replacement. The new girls haven't had too much time to introduce themselves, so we sat down for a quick chat with Amber to get to know her a little better.

Hey Amber, thanks for talking to us! We were hoping to learn a little bit more about you. So: what were you up to before being cast on BGC?
Before I got on Bad Girls I was modeling. I was working at PNK Elephant by Michael Vick's wife, Kijafa. I modelled for them. I always modelled in Philly. I actually have a swimsuit line and a lash line that will be coming soon.

We've been hearing a lot about your "Daddy" this season, what's going on with that right now?
My Daddy or my Father?

Well me and Daddy are on and off. Right now we're on really good terms. We're good. He's still my Daddy! My Father ... I don't want anything to do with him.

Life Coach Laura was trying to get you to drop your Daddy -- I guess you didn't end up agreeing with her?
Actually, I did. I dropped him. Daddy and I, we'll always have our differences. We just missed each other! He changed up a little bit, he started doing more. And now we're just working on everything. It's kind of getting towards a real relationship now. I'm a little scared of that!

Was Life Coach Laura helpful?

She was. Before I went to the Bad Girls Club I already knew what I had to do with myself. She was telling me things I already knew. But what she did tell me I really worked on. It's sometimes helpful to hear it from another person outside your friends and family.

How was your whole experience on the show?

I honestly had fun! When I got off the show I told myself I wouldn't ever do anything like that again. It was crazy -- I couldn't stand being in that house with six other females. If they had some guys in there it'd be a little different. But now? I think I would do it again.

So if there's another All Star Battle you'd be down?

I don't know about all that! I don't have time to be jumping in anybody's water getting my hair wet.

Is there a part of your personality that the Bad Girls viewers don't really get to see on the show?

I think they don't get like... I'm so silly! They don't show that a lot. I'm a goofball. I laugh at everything. You really don't get to see that side of Amber. They only see that manipulative side. But, ya know, I didn't mean anything like that!

Do you keep in touch with any of the girls from the season?

I do! I actually keep in touch with the girls that were on there before I was. Like, me and Jela text. And me and The Twins. I talk to Shannon on Twitter. We see each other here and here. I always talk to Jasmine and Ginger. I talk to Ginger like 24/7.

Wait what?! Do you get shade for being in the middle of the two warring groups?

Of course not! We are all grown enough. First of all, when I got there I didn't know what had happened. No one was my friend. No one can ever get mad at me for talking to someone they don't get along with. I have nothing to do with that. I have nothing to do with their beef.

What about girls from other seasons?

I'm really good friends with Cat Washington from Season 5.

And are you still in Philly?

I'm actually planning on moving to LA in March to do some modelling and acting. I just want to get into the TV scene and keep pushing forward in the entertainment business.

Do you think you learned anything from being on the show?

[laughs] I didn't learn sh*t! I didn't learn a damn thing from that show. I feel like I got worse! I feel like my attitude is like ... Actually you know what, I did learn from the show. I lied. After the show I am speaking my mind way more than I had before. I was always the person who would speak my mind, but I used to wait. Now I speak up right then and there. I'm a very observant person. I just sit there and watch. I keep things in the back of my mind and then I speak up when it's my time to do that.

Did that come into play while you were in the house?

There was a lot of phony sh*t going on in the house. I never spoke on it. I just let it ride. If it was anything major I would speak up. But I kind of spoke my mind through the whole show but I guess there's a few things I didn't talk up about.

Are there any feuds we don't know about?

I ended up being friends with everyone. But you know, Jenna was pulling some stuff on Twitter. I don't know where that came from. I don't know if she wants to steal my fans or something, cause I have more followers than her. She was coming for Daddy! She told me I was so irrelevant. She was like, 'Oh, he'll never wife you!' and I was like, b*tch, he's my Daddy for a reason. I don't plan on marrying my Daddy. In my season, you guys weren't talking sh*t in the house. You were on mute at the reunion! I can't wait 'til the reunion. Ugh! And now everybody wanna come out on Twitter and start saying stuff. Like give me a reunion re-do!

Any hints you want to give about the reunion?

Well, I don't wanna spoil it but I wouldn't miss it. I kept it classy but I spoke my mind. It shut people up.

Sneak peek Tuesday's finale:

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