Best 5 Styles From BGC14's Casting Special

Our Bad Girls hath arrived! All hail these vicious valkyries! 

By Eric Shorey

When not imbibing or brawling, our girls are busy looking cute. We've caught some of the more glamorous moments from the BGC casting special and we're ready to read. Check out some of our favorite looks and styles, below!

1. After a long night at Hooters...

No one is here to shame Jas for working at Hooters. A bad girl has got to get her coint any way she can. But this after-hours outfit has us averting our gaze.

2. Chloe and Chase (and the Clermont Twins).

Ok, sure, the twins look great here. They look great everywhere. But the real stars of this screenshot is Chase the yorkie, who is looking fresh to death. Power-clashing blue hair dye and camouflage is a trick that works well for dogs and humans

3. Country Bumpkin Beauty


Hunting isn't exactly popular at the moment, but shooting a deer is different from poaching a lion. So let's not blame Lauren for striking a pose with her next meal.

4. Here Comes The Bad Girl Bride

A sneak peak showed a drunken wedding ceremony between Tina and Kat, officiated by a not-so-sober Jas. Lauren looks cute in her casual bridesmaid garb, but Kat gets real style points for her bowtie. Attention to detail counts.

5. Twin Magic


Da-da-da-damn! The twins easily take the award for best dressed this episode. Images from a tantalizing streetwear photo-shoot have us drooling.

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