BGC 14 Episode 2 Recap: Double Trouble

#BGC14 is shaking things up.

By Eric Shorey

Things bubble over on the bus back home as Jela and Lauren continue their confrontation. It's impossible to declare a winner (it's like Alien Vs. Predator up in here: whoever wins, we lose) but I'd say that Jela is closer to a victory purely because Lauren's voice is more annoying at this moment. That being said, the girls' battle is one fraught with racial politics this white boy blogger doesn't feel comfortable dealing with. “Lauren just doesn't understand where I'm coming from,” claims Jela, and she's right.

Back at the house, a hoarse-voice Jas confides in #TeamClerminah about her own issues with her skin color and identity. Jas openly admits that she's always been jealous of women like them. It's unsurprising that this brief moment of vulnerability will later be used against her--Bad Girls detect weakness like sharks smelling blood in the ocean. For the moment it looks like Jas might be switching teams, but a few moments later a confrontation between Jela and Lauren has Jas back on #TeamEveryoneElse.

See, Lauren thought she'd be cute by messing with the other girls' portraits.

Jela retaliates with a weaponized twerk before each team retreats to their own sides of the mansion. Tina seems ready to stand up for Lauren but only to a certain point. When Jela informs the twins that the rest of the house feels like the twins act like they're better than them the twins respond curly with: “We are.” Well, fair enough. #TeamClerminah takes this round.

After a day of high tensions it's time to turn up. As the girls get ready, the sisters Clermont apply some gnarly looking face masks. Lauren expertly observes that the beauty regiment looks like “doo doo” (her words, not mine). Much is made of this comment, but no one is talking about Jela's eyebrows--girl are you angry or is that just how you get into geish?

Somehow a fight breaks out. The twins scream about Lauren's five dollar dress (just a good read, her outfit looks cheap) and Lauren remarks that these city girls can't handle “a real-ass country b*tch” (probably also true).

Meanwhile, Kat takes a nap. Suddenly, I'm #TeamKat.

Jas, Lauren, and Tina stay home while #Clerminah goes out for dinner. The girls at home order delivery and I've switched teams, once again. Nothing wins over my heart like pizza.

Snackies in hand, our homebodies engage in some drunken antics, rubbing #Clerminah's make-up brushes all over their bum bums.

When Jela gets home she calls her mom. I wasn't particularly intimidated by Jela before this, but girl straight up screams at her poor mother. Luckily Mama 'Mina ain't having it and she yells right back. Hopefully one of these seven girls goes home soon so we can have Jela's mom on as a replacement--she is truly the baddest b*tch out of all of 'em.

For some reason the girls wind up at a belly-dancing class the next day. While Kat drools over their geriatric instructor (holy gerontophilia, girl) Lauren breaks out another sad white girl dance. No one seems particularly invested in this particular kind of booty shaking, but somehow an argument ensues anyway.

Back at home, more portrait graffiti incites another fight. This time Tina turns up and retaliates. “Well hello Tina, nice to meet ya!” says Jas, thrilled to have a violent counterpart to back her up.

Oh hey, remember when I said earlier that Jas's admission of weakness would later be used against her? Here we go! The twins play up that she's jealous of their beauty during the fight. Even beefy security dudes can't protect Jas from that kind of cruelty. The fight somehow de-escalates over a commercial break.

Enter Life Coach Laura! Now, I implicitly don't trust self-help gurus but Laura isn't messing around and gets to the bottom of each girl's issues in a matter of minutes. Jas is hurt by the twins bringing up her body issues, the twins discuss their codependency, Jela talks about her mom, Kat muses on her anger, Tina talks commitment problems, and Lauren talks about her past drug abuse. Laura forces an apology out of everyone, but ain't no one buying it wholesale.

Only a little bit later do the alliances get shortly shaken up after Jas and Jela kiki about Lauren's nefarious manipulations. Jela's demonic descriptions sound a little bit melodramatic to me, but Jas is willing to believe she was duped. Are the teams getting shaken up this soon?

Sneak peek next week's episode:

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