BGC 14 Episode 4 Recap: Kat-astrophe

By Eric Shorey

After the Lauren vs. Jela pop-off, both girls retreat to their respective sides of the house. “She didn't punch me in my face so I'm good,” says Jela to The Clermont Twins, but those are some pretty low standards for a friendship.

The next day, Tina realizes she has lost her ID and thinks about staying home instead of going out to party for Jas's birthday. The girls go for a pre-party dinner and trouble ensues when a promoter tries to help the girls sneak into a turn up. Jas gets his digits written down, but promptly loses the paper. She accuses everyone of misplacing the item (hey, wait, hasn't she done that before?) but goes especially hard on Kat, who isn't having it.

Somehow, the fight gets dragged into the limo, where Jas (still fuming) keeps mumbling “F*ck everybody!” The twins get annoyed at Jas's vague insults (“Be specific!” says one) and eventually end up popping off.

Tina and Lauren sit back and watch as the Bad Girls tangle themselves into a nightmare first-throwing rat-king. “For once I had nothing to do with it!” exclaims Lauren.

Jas is removed from the van and the girls return home. When Jas arrives back at the house, she immediately goes after Jela for no reason whatsoever. Something is catapulted at Jela's head (an ice pack? A drink? Dog sh*t? Unclear.) and Jela, in turn, covers Jas's clothes in deodorant powder. When Jas goes to wash off her stuff, #TeamEveryoneElse confronts the bitter birthday girl. Somehow their words get through to Jas who finds herself crying in her underwear next to the dryer (girl, we've all been there, too).

The next day, the girls get ready for a photo-shoot. Kat struggles to fit into her pants and Jas consoles her by telling her she smells nice. That's friendship.

Tina talks about wanting to go home, but is feeling determined to stay because of Life Coach Laura's advice. This gets Jela thinking about sending Tina home.

Later, Jas tries to make up with Jela. It goes OK, but the twins overhear and get angry at Jela. Following these alliances is harder than learning WW2 history. Is there a test at the end of this?

After the shoot, Jela gets mad at the twins for stealing the spotlight. 

They confront each other, but somehow tensions are calmed before a pop-off pops-off. While that happens, #TeamEveryoneElse is blindfolding each other and looking for boobs and butts, because this is a house full of adults.

The next day, Lauren and Jas head off to Walmart for a shopping trip. Jela decides this is a perfect opportunity to eject Tina. She grabs her stuff and gently places it outside, locking Kat and Tina out. 

This wouldn't be so much of a problem if Kat didn't have to pee. The reasonable solution: smash the windows!

Kat punches straight through some glass and injures herself. “Im too sane for this,” says Tina correctly as she decides to go home. Bye Tina! I thought you were really fun!

Tina claims her only regret is not being able to say goodbye to Jas and Lauren but girl, they're just at the Walmart down the street, you can wait like 15 minutes for them to get back. When they finally do return, Tina has already dipped and Kat is getting treated by a doctor.  No one seems particularly surprised by Tina's departure.

Now that Tina's gone, Lauren has given up on getting Kat kicked out. She decides to come clean and confess about her previous nefarious plans. Kat doesn't take kindly to being plotted against, and goes on a property destroying rampage.

Like a lesbian Godzilla, Kat stomps about the mansion leaving a wake of destruction in her path. Jela attempts to calm Kat down by reaffirming Kat's disappointment in Lauren. It's impossible to tell if Jela is being manipulative or honest here, which says a lot about these girls' relationships to begin with.

Kat gets fired up all over again, and Jas screaming “RELAX!” isn't helping. (Protip: Screaming “RELAX” never helps anything.)

The episode ends here but we get a teaser about the new girl for next week. The bad girls are like a hydra: cut off one head and three more grow back in it's place. Be careful Jela, you're battling a monster now.

Sneak Peek next Tuesday's episode:

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