BGC 14 Premiere Twitter Reactions: Whose Side Are You On?

#TeamCLERMINAH Vs. #TeamEveryoneElse: Whose side are you on?

By Eric Shorey

The wait is over! Bad Girls Club Season 14 premiered last night (watch it here). We shared tears, laughs, drinks, lost (and then re-found) cigarettes. The division between #TeamCLERMINAH and #TeamEveryoneElse has already been established and the real question is: whose side are you on? Bad Girls old and new weighed in on Twitter as the show aired on TV. Check out some of their reactions to the first episode.

Who could Jas be subtweeting here? Anyway, girl's not wrong about drama:

Are the Clermont Twins at McDonald's? Nah, they're just watchin' BGC:

Lauren reflects on her ratchet kingdom:

Of course, it's "the Jela show" on Twitter too:

Plenty of BGC alum also had lots to say about the new episode. Tanisha weighed in on her takeover of the official BGC twitter account:

Judi was diplomatic but she picked a team already:

And Mehgan's choosing sides too:

Will these girls stay true to their alliances as the season continues? Probably not! But we'll have to wait and see.

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