Ginger On The Reunion, Not Talking To Kat, And More!

Major smack talk over here.

By Eric Shorey

Bad Girl Ginger AKA Beatrice might be the one of the only chicks in BGC history to make it out of the house without throwing fists. We sat down with the inked cutie to get some more info on what it was like to live in the house and who she's still down with.

Hey Ginger, thanks for talking to us! How have you been feeling since the reunion?

I'm so excited for everyone to see the reunion. I stole the show, I'm the center of attention, everyone's gunna love me. If they don't I really don't care ... It's so funny. It might look like I was defending The Twins. I don't even know them. I was defending the principle. You don't talk about people when they're not here to defend themselves. It just shouldn't happen.

What were you up to before you went on Bad Girls Club?

I was just building up that 401K, ya know? Just working all the time. Making money. I work as a Medical Administrator. It's hard but it's also fun cause you're helping.

Do you get into conflicts at work like you did on the show?
Not like that. Moreso of like, pettiness. Like I'm going to go snitch on you behind your back.

What was your favorite thing that happened on the show that we didn't see?

When we went to our twerking class! We learned how to twerk and all that other good stuff. Twerking, pole dancing, it was fun!

What was your least favorite part of being on the show?

Dealing with Kat. 

Have you kept in touch with Kat? Where do you two stand right now?

I don't f*ck with that b*tch. It's definitely over. Not a hi, not a bye, not a nothing. Leaving the show it was very hot and cold. One minute it was like "Oh, you're cool," but then the next it's like "You're a b*tch, you tried to pop on Amber cause you were mad at me," It was very ... shady.

And what happened after the show?

We spoke a few times. Everything was cool. I was supposed to go visit her. However, a few of her own life choices I did not condone. I would not go. And I wasn't leaving my man.

What about Life Coach Laura Baron? Did she help you out? What was working with her like?

Working with Laura did help more than I thought it would. I have been in therapy previously so I thought it was gunna be another run like that. She helped me open up. I thought I made some friends there, I guess I was wrong.

You don't feel like you made any friends there?

I did. At first I genuinely thought I had made six genuine friends. However, coming home I see I've only made two. Maybe three. I talk to Jas like every other day. Me and Amber 24/7, we're always talking. I speak to Alicia every now and then. Mainly just Jas and Amber.

Do you think BGC made you a better person?

Heck no! That show can't make you a better person, are you serious? I walked in a bad b*tch, walked out a bad b*tch. I learned that ... It made me really sad but I learned things that I already knew. Like stop using your bad experiences in life to boo-hoo and cry. Like, get over it. Build a bridge.

Do you think you would go back for another season?

I would! I enjoyed my experience there. I would probably go and start a little more trouble than I did. Well, I didn't start any. But I'd probably start a little bit. I didn't get into a fight at all because nobody was stupid. Quote me on that. I'm happy that I didn't fight though. I'm more disappointed in myself for getting out of character at the reunion. But it is what it is. Don't ask for it if you don't want it.

What about girls from other seasons? Do you know any of them?

Me and Benze, she's like my big sister. Me and Mehgan James talk every now and then. I've been watching Basketball Wives. Same Meghan. She still don't take nobody's sh*t. I like her.

Got any projects you're working on right now?

Of course I'm working on new projects. They're kind of secret for now until they're actually done. A few fashion things and hair. But not weaves like everyone else, I'm not that basic. Natural hair.

We can't help but ask: who does your tattoos!? They look amazing!

I go to the same tattoo artist. His name is Chico. I've told a few of the other girls to come to my spot. Like Jenna and that octopus on her back. It's supposed to be wings, make sure you say that, but it looks like an octopus. My very favorite of mine is the girl on the side of my leg. Cause she looks like my mom. 

Anything else you wanna say to the fans?

Let's re-do this season. Give you guys an even better show. We'll make a few originals replacements so that they can never be seen.

Ouch. Watch Part 2 of the Reunion Tuesday at 8/7c. Sneak Peek:

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