Here's What The "Bad Girls Club" Casting Directors Look For

Are you destined for Bad Girl superstardom?

By Eric Shorey

Are you destined for Bad Girl superstardom? BGC is always busy casting and after a quick stop in Oregon, Portland Monthly Mag sat down with the one of the elusive casting directors, Themi Chahales. Chahales is behind the BGC scenes and offered some insight into what makes a girl truly bad enough to be on TV. We've pulled some of our favorite quotes from the interview, which can be read in full over here (

On how many people they interview:

It varies. We’ve had upwards of 500 people [show up]. [This time we casted sisters only]. So the whole cast will be made up of sisters. That kind of limits us. There are tons of fans who will always come out, but not everyone has a sister. But we’ve had a really big turnout so far. In Miami, I saw over 150 people.

On how she gets to know potential castmates:

Typically these interviews, if they do make it to the full length interviews, those are over an hour long. Sometimes we’ll talk to their family members, friends. We do background checks as we call them, or reference calls, where we contact their family members, friends, boyfriends, and get all the stories about them that maybe they haven’t told us themselves.

On what they're looking for:

The other thing is really great, big, charismatic personalities, good story tellers, people with interesting pasts. Funny always goes over really well. Not shy in front of the camera. We’re never really looking for any particlar qualities per se.

And, apparently, there is a Show and Tell part of the audition:

We get a lot of vibrators. So I’m looking for something a little more unique this time around. The one thing people will bring is something really sentimental to them. But what goes over really well is something fun and lighthearted. If you start off the interview with a photo of your deceased grandmother, that’s kind of a downer. Sometimes people’s show and tell will be their dance moves. I love a great talent. I’ve seen some excellent twerking.

You can check out more information about being casted for BGC over here: and sneak peek the new season here:

BGC: Back For More premieres Tuesday, August 11 at 8/7c!

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