Mehgan James Gets Into 'Basketball Wives' Drama

Once a Bad Girl, always a Bad Girl.

By Eric Shorey

Our Bad Girl Mehgan James may have moved on, but we're still keeping a close eye on her. So it wasn't surprising to find out that her stint on Basketball Wives has already landed this queen into a bit of drama. Once a Bad Girl, always a Bad Girl.


Meghan, who graced us with her presence on BGC9 and both season of All Star Battle, is now claiming that the breakup of Basketball Wives costars Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick was faked in order to inspire a possible reality show spinoff. Is Meghan throwing shade or spilling T here?


The couple's breakup was aired quite publicly, but Mehgan remains suspicious. In an interview with VH1, she had this to say:


"I really think it's a publicity stunt because she likes attention. Like how do you break-up, make-up, get married, unmarried, walk down the aisle, come back and then forget about it all within three days? It doesn't make sense."


Mehgan's relationship with Draya has never exactly been A-OK. She elucidated on that subject as well:


"I just feel like Draya doesn't like competition and I think she's used to being the star on the show but me coming onto Basketball Wives from Bad Girls Club, I already had a fan base. So I think I threatened her a little bit and it would have been in her best interest to be my friend because that would make me less relevant. But as long as my name's in your mouth you're creating relevance for me so I actually have to thank her for that."


Oh Mehgan, never change.

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