Sneak Peek BGC14 Episode 1 With GIFkus (GIFs + Haikus)!

Get a look at the #BGC14 action and write your own haiku poems. We may give you a special shout-out! 

Remember haikus from English class? Well neither did we... but we tried. Haikus are a short form of Japanese poetry that consist of (among other things) 17 syllables broken up into lines of 5, 7, and 5 each. For example:

"haiku are easy, [5 syllables]
But sometimes they don't make sense, [7 syllables]
Refrigerator." [5 syllables]
-Rolf Nelson

So we decided to combine two seemingly random things, GIFs and Haikus, to create something of a masterpiece. Sneak peek the first episode of BGC: Back For More with these exclusive GIFkus!

Then write your own GIFkus in the comments section below. If you also note the corresponding number of the image within the gallery, we may feature your GIF and give you a special shout-out! 

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