The Best of “Tanisha On Beat”

Clever BGC cultists created their own version of “Beyonce Always On Beat!"

By Eric Shorey

It's no secret that Beyonce's beat almost broke the internet a few months ago. Queen Bey may rule her own hive, but Tanisha Thomas is the matriarch of our hearts: that's why clever BGC cultists created their own version of “Beyonce Always On Beat” starring our very own snack-loving sister Tanisha! Check out some our favorite “Tanisha Always On Beat” videos, below!

1. “Starships” may have been the de facto song of the summer in 2015, but Tanisha is taking Nicki's pop jam to new planets with her pots and pans.

2. A new challenger appears! Tanisha takes the Beygency on directly in this “Crazy In Love” / “Got No Sleep” mashup.

3. This “No Sleep” compilation starts with a stupendous Super Mario remix. Tanisha be snatching more coins than Luigi in this one. (The other featured memes in the video are great too.)

4. Tanisha Thomas: grunge queen! Nothing is grimier and more punk rock than angrily waking your roommates with cacophonous cookware. Kurt Cobain would be proud.

5. This is the ultimate compilation. Each 6 seconds is a glorious triumph of creativity. This is the apex of contemporary art. We have reached the zenith of human achievement. It's all downhill from here.

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