Twins Twitter Beef: Victor vs. Clermont

Bad Girls are justΒ lookingΒ for reasons to pop-off.

By Eric Shorey

Bad Girls are just looking for reasons to pop-off at this point, so it's no surprise that some drama has already started between the new girls and their predecessors. Who picked a fight with whom? We've collected some of the best reactions to the casting special, below!

It looks like there's a twin battle brewing. When Danni and Gabi started mouthing off, The Clermont Twins decided to come for them:

But Danni isn't one to take that lying down:

A little later, Danni clarified:

But some other girls were feeling some type of way, too. Jela responded to a few comments from the Twittersphere:

Meanwhile, Tina was entertained by all the buzz on twitter:

And former Bad Girl Jazmone is taking sides:

So who are you siding with? The Clermont Twins or The Victor Twins--vote below!

BGC: Back For More premieres Tuesday. August 11 at 8/7c!

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