Quick-Fire Q&A: 21 Things You Need To Know About BGC15’s Kristina

Being a Mile High Club member is "definitely on my bucket list because it sounds like fun doing something so bad!"

Don't let Kristina's laid back attitude fool you. She won't hesitate to speak the truth, call you out, or eff you up. Get to know the fiery redhead withour rapid-fire questions.

Who is your favorite Bad Girl of all time? Stuck between Natalie, Judi, and Rima. They are all my favs!

How long was your longest relationship? 2 years.

Who is your favorite male rapper? Kanye West. His albums never get old to me, especially at the gym.

Who is your celebrity crush? Jesse Metcalfe for sure.

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What is your drink of choice? Vodka soda... because it's low in calories.

Are you a member of the Mile High Club? No but that's definitely on my bucket list because it sounds like fun doing something so bad!

Have you ever snatched a weave? Of course lol. Whenever someone tries to break up the fight, because I don't want them to get away! I think I actually still have collections of girls' disgusting hair from back in the day in zip lock bags somewhere. Most of it was their real hair. Voodoo anyone?

Sneakers or heels? Sneakers definitely. I only wear heels if I'm at the club. But doing errands, going to a restaurant, or going to a bar, it's always sneakers because I'd much rather be comfortable. I like to chill out as much as I can.

Favorite movie? Fifty Shades of Grey. Gets me everyyy time hahaha.

Hit the club or Netflix and chill? Well, how cute is the guy to Netflix and Chill with?! I actually used to choose the club over Netflix and chill with my boyfriends because I knew they were cheating on me. So yeah, it just all depends on the vibes I'm getting off someone.

Dating: Tinder or IRL? It's SO much fun looking at and talking to hot guys on Tinder. But then I saw that NONE of them are looking for anything serious! And I catch feelings wayyyy too easily so that never works out for me!! Therefore, I'd definitely chose IRL over Tinder.

Who is your favorite candidate for U.S. President? Trump. But then again I'm only basing it off of his funny tweets. Plus that's the only candidate I really hear about all the time. I need to party less and watch the news more, that's for sure!

What TV show character do you relate to most? The only character I can think of is from a movie and that's Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. She's adventurous, has a chill stress-free personality (but doesn't take sh*t from anyone), and she talks to guys exactly how I do when I first meet them. Not to mention she has that mysterious tomboyish look, and she's extremely hot!

What is your biggest accomplishment? Being such an awesome worker at my last restaurant job that the founder of the company gave me $10,000. Hard work really pays off.

What’s your dream job? It would definitely be getting more into TV/film because it is so much fun working with a lot of people in production. Plus it's always interesting and something new every single day. Keeps you on your toes. I love it!

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Working at a clothing store. I absolutely HATED it. Finger spacing every single hanger gave me the worst anxiety.

What’s your favorite feature of yourself? My back because of the insane cuts I get from working out. I have soo many pictures of my back right after intense workouts all over my Instagram. I'm obsessed.

What’s your ideal date? My ideal date is a guy picking me up (for once) and bringing me on adventure trips like helicopter rides, cliff jumping, mountain climbing, horseback riding, etc. Basically anything to do with nature and a nice view. I'm very spontaneous and I have a fun personality so it's not that hard for a guy to impress me. I like anything--the crazier, the better. Oh and if he surprises me then that's the icing on the cake because I LOVE surprises... keeps it interesting.

Do you have a secret talent? I play the piano and I do special effects makeup.

What’s your favorite book? Fifty Shades of Grey of course because I feel like that's the most action I've ever gotten in such a short amount of time lmfaooo

What song gets you in the mood? "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce--the slow version from Fifty Shades of Grey. I try to stay away from that song if I'm not in a relationship because I feel that song screams out "Kristina. Go be Bad."

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