Quick-Fire Q&A: 24 Things You Need To Know About BGC15’s Diamond

Get to know the jewel of #BGC15

From her favorite rappers to favorite presidential candidate, get to know Diamond with this series of rapid-fire questions. Spoiler alert: She clearly wants to Netflix and chill with Draya Michele.

Who is your favorite Bad Girl of all time? Mehgan James

How long was your longest relationship? My longest relationship was 6 years. Three angelic years and 3 demonic years with her.

Who is your favorite male rapper? My favorite male rappers are Ja Rule and Drake.

Favorite female rapper? My favorite female rapper is MC Lyte. 

Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West? Kanye West of course. We are both geniuses.

Who is your celebrity crush? My crush, oh man, is Draya Michele. I need her in my life.


What is your drink of choice? Hennessy and Red Bull.

Are you a member of the Mile High Club? Absolutely. I've had some great sky high experiences.

Have you ever snatched a weave? Yep and then patted it back on lol

Kardashians: Love or Hate? Love the Kardashians, especially Kourtney. 

Sneakers or heels? Sneakers. 

Favorite movie? Rent

Hit the club or Netflix and chill? Netflix and Chill... then the club

Dating: Tinder or IRL? A little bit of both makes me happy.

Who is your favorite candidate for U.S. President? Hillary Clinton

What TV show character do you relate to most? Riley from The Boondocks

What is your biggest accomplishment? Making my dreams into realities without hesitation 

What’s your dream job? Rich media mogul

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? I haven't experienced any bad jobs

What’s your favorite feature of yourself? I like my smile

What’s your ideal date? My ideal date would be getting a bite to eat and drinks with a nice walk in the park or beach. 

Do you have a secret talent? My secret talent is that I'm a phenomenal hopeless romantic.

What’s your favorite book? Monster by Walter Dean Myers. I am a Walter Dean Myers scholar.

What song gets you in the mood? "All We Do" by Trey Songz 

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