Quick-Fire Q&A: 26 Things You Need To Know About BGC15’s Suha

Smokin' hot mama alert! #BGC15

This badass single mom knows how to have a good time. Learn more about Suha below!

Who is your favorite Bad Girl of all time? Natalie Nunn

How long was your longest relationship? 9 years 

Who is your favorite male rapper? Eminem

Favorite female rapper? Nicki Minaj 

Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West? Kendrik 

Who is your celebrity crush? Ben Affleck 

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What is your drink of choice? Margarita 

Are you a member of the Mile High Club? No lol 

Have you ever snatched a weave? Yep 

Kardashians: Love or Hate? Annoyed

Sneakers or heels? Wedges 

Hit the club or Netflix and Chill? Club then Netflix and Chill 

Dating: Tinder or IRL? Real life lol 

Who is your favorite candidate for U.S. President? Clinton

What is your biggest accomplishment? Owning a business at 21 

What’s your dream job? Lay down and collect money through an online store while I sleep. 

What’s your favorite feature of yourself? My soft skin ;) and eyes 

Cruisin w my mama

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What’s your ideal date? A 6'4" baller taking me shopping and to watch a sporting event.

Do you have a secret talent? I'm an amazing sales person and makeup artist but I dont use them hahah 

What’s your favorite book? 50 Shades of Grey 

How are you and your sister different? How are you similar? Me and Hanan are exact opposites, but when we're together we become the same--we are in sync. If im mad as hell, she will calm me down and if shes super mad, I'll just laugh and calm her down. But if we're both mad it's a problem. She likes black guys and I like white boys. She likes ratchet music and I like soft sexual soothing stuff.

What makes you a Bad Girl? I do what I want when I want. No hesitation--I run sh*t. And I don't regret anything think about consequences. 

What’s your favorite thing about your sister? Hanan is a hot head but she'll kill for me.

What’s the most annoying thing about your sister? She's always trying to have everyone pay for her sh*t even though she's rich. Haha big pimpin'.

What will fans like about you? I have kids--I'm a badass single mom that parties and I'm a great mom at the same time. 

Do you or your sister have the worse temper? Hanan definitely has the worse temper, but lately I've been impatient and a hot head too... we're both crazy as hell!

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