Bad Girls don't hide or fake their feelings.

I do and say a lot of things for shock value and to entertain myself so my favorite part of the challenge was just watching people's reactions to us. I was surprised and not happy when we lost the challenge. I thought we had it right and even checked with multiple people to see if it was right. I picked Joe for the date because I was really liking him but felt like I needed to know him better. The difference in Love Games from most dating shows is that Bad Girls don't hide or fake their feelings. In the end if I was going to end up with one of these guys I was going to make sure it was real. I was happy to see that in life outside the Bad Girls house Joe had a broader personality but I wanted to see more of it in the house. I am not sure why Kendra picked Dan. Kendra loves male attention so I'm sure she was just lining them up. I was not impressed at all when I heard the guys were bullying on Dan. It's one thing to have one on one arguing but when the group mentality is involved I completely disagree with it. At this time in the house it was very difficult to pick someone for elimination so picking Tim was kind of just the guy on the bottom of my list. Dan had to leave because none of us had feelings for him like we did all the other guys.

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