Clip Show Recap

This week on Bad Girls Club it's a clip show hosted by Annie and Natalie. I <3 a good clip show! I must say that the two get along very well for this episode which is TOTALLY FAKE! It must have taken a lot of practice for those two to be so cordial with each other for so long. The Clip Show includes footage from each girls audition tape. My personal favorite? Kate's, of course! And I quote: "I'm not racist, I just prefer to be friends with white people." I also enjoyed when Lexie says "Ahhh, I just burped." I thoroughly enjoy a girl that has no problem releasing her natural gases.Next we get to see more drunken footage of the ladies. The only reason I can think this footage wasn't already shown is because there is a surplus of it.Finally we get to see the results of the Viewers' Choice Award! Who do you think won?Best hook up went to FLO! I was a little surprised by this because after all the crazy she's shown us the past view weeks I wouldn't think anyone would want to open that can of worms. BUT she still is smokin' hot, there is no denying that.Kate made laxative cookies? Why in the world would they have left this out of a previous episode? That is HILARIOUS but very, very mean. Tsk, tsk, Kate!While reminiscing with Flo, Annie actually uses the phrase "You got your taint waxed." Wow. I didn't know she had the word 'taint' in her vocabulary! Apparently, Annie has a friend that owns a beauty salon and she took all the girls (excluding Kate because she's a two-faced b*ch) for various free treatments! Annie is a REAL lady and I think she's just a sweetheart.The next Viewers' Choice Award was for Best Weave. And the award goes to . . . . Natalie! I think Annie was right when she said Kendra has the best weave. I can also verify that Kate's white girl weave is the WORST as I have seen it personally. It was like someone glued a feather to a bald man's skull.The realest Bad Girl Award went to Flo!!!! I totally agree. As I have expressed previously, Flo is completely insane, but not fake.Who do you think the Fakest Bad Girl goes to? That's right: Natalie. Annie says "Most of the stuff Natalie does in this house is to gain attention." Right on, Annie. Right on. She's so right. The only reason Natalie does anything is to get attention from others. I don't think there is anything she does that is real. Natalie is so fake and I'm so happy the rest of the viewers agree. Think she'll actually change her ways?The Baddest Bad Girl goes to . . . Flo! It is amazing how many of these Flo wins! One clip reveals Flo's family may have ties to the Albanian Mafia. I, for one, have no doubt about this.I was happy to see the episode ended with some candid clips of the girls actually enjoying one another's company. I really hope they were all able to grow from this experience. Don't forget to visit for your weekly BGC run down and tune in every Tuesday night at 10/9C for the latest episode of The Bad Girls Club!

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