Episode 15: Reunion Part 2

Part two picks up in the aftermath of Natalie and Flo's throwdown that ends in a hose-down. Flo struts into the audience and riles the crowd, chanting "Natalie's a hoe" and Perez joins in enthusiastically. Flo is escorted off stage in order to mend her bloodied leg or "take a time out" as Annie likes to call it. Less than a minute later, it almost seems like the same fight will resume with Kate replacing Flo--an excellent tag team duo if you ask me--but Perez's skills as moderator of this "therapy" session prevail and the reunion returns to "normal."Perez presses the topic of the friendship break up between Flo and Natalie which began its demise with the alleged ditching. A montage follows and so does another eruption of Flosuvius. Perez sides with Natalie and urges Flo gets therapy asap!Next topic of discussion: Natalie and Chris Brown. I call FALSE and I think you will too when you see how quickly this bitch eats her words; it's almost painful to watch. And regarding her "bitch deserved to get beat" comments about Rihanna, well let's just say: Eat up Natalie!Annie's lack of action -- due in no part to inaction -- is addressed, and she answers that, of course, it stems from her low self-esteem. This answer earns REAL points from me. I was forgetting what honesty sounded like. Lexie is recently off the market, and Kendra makes a public service announcement that she's still looking for her renaissance manor as I like to call him, her unicorn. Good luck honey. If you find him, and he has a brother, CALL ME!And speaking of love...we get another taste of "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too"! The preview reveals lots of short skirts, body shots, and confused men. I think I'm going to love it!Rich comes on the show quickly to learn what Natalie called him behind his back during his visit: Predator! Natalie does her best half-assed, no-hearted apology. Some bickering between Kate and Natalie ensues around the topic of Paul's visit, but their efforts are thwarted as Perez asks Rich if there is anything else he wanted to say, and he certainly does...HE PROPOSES! To which Perez asks Paul if there's anything he wants to ask Kate, and his reply? "Maybe next year." Oh snap! But, the pain in Kate's eyes...wait, was that genuine emotion? I think so, people. Feel free to take a moment andrewind.Next up: What's new with Natalie? Nothing new, same old spending other people's money with nothing (monetary) in return. And with the broaching of the gold digger topic the stage has been set for Portia's return! She comes on stage and looks lovely! And very pregnant. I laugh as she's ushered into the preggers corner near Amber.Natalie claims she never made fun of Portia's daughter, but rather called Portia a bad mom, as in "if you have a 3-year-old daughter, what are you doing on the Bad Girls Club?" Touche! Portia rebuts, calling Natalie's mom's parenting skills into question and Natalie goes into total bitch mode. Perez regains order by screaming "It's not the Natalie show! You didn't get the spin off, Kendra did!" Feel free to applaud!We've neglected Flo for too long and she makes it known. Perez indulges and asks Flo if she was jealous of Kendra for all the ass she got in the season. In a rage she sputters some words about quality over quantity and the girls reveal that they actually feel that Flo is crazy. Perez sensing the lava boil, moves off stage to have a heart-to-heart with Flo. He takes the words right out of my mouth when he tells her that at the beginning she was one of his favorites but as the season progressed, he saw sides of her that he disliked. Shechalked her growing rage up to the fakeness of the house. The girls chime in with their feelings.Montage alert! The history of Flo and Amber. The pressing question: Why did Amber really let her stay? She claims she just REALLY cared and doesn't regret her decision. I think there were other motivations at play in her decision...maybe she's saving it for her tell-all book later. The girls seem to have softened and Flo is invited back on stage...is this wise? Perez you better bring out the big guns -- I don't think water can squelch another fight should one occur.Flo opens up and probes Natalie, who feigns emotion, but I'm not convinced. Flo may be be bat-sh*t-insane but at least I feel it's genuine.As the night wraps up, the girls reveal -- each in her own words -- that being a bad girl ain't easy. But it sure looked like fun! LA must have complained about the Bad Girls "ruining their city" because Perez reveals that season 5 will take place in steamy Miami...can I come? Perez! You forgot to mention when the next casting call was!We say goodbye to our girls...for now! But be sure to catch "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too" Tuesdays at 10/9 central! And as always, you can get all your Bad Girls and other hot mess celeb gossip with me at evilbeetgossip.com!xoxoxoxo stay BAD viewers!

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