Episode 402 recap

Last night's episode was quite the roller coaster. Our bad girls tear up an all-male strip club, Flo finds a slice of bi-heaven, and Natalie tries to break Annie but ends up breaking down -- oh, and punching Kendra in the face for reasons that remain unclear. That ambiguous limo scene elicited a big "Woah, that escalated quickly," from my wine-stained lips. (Hey, did I mention I run LA?) The episode ends in limbo as Natalie leaves the house, but only for the night. Will the house take her back? Now for my personal highlights: Flo's "fudge check," which seems more fitting for a Bad Boys Club but, hey, it's still inappropriate and thoroughly entertaining. When Kendra was having sex withdrawals and proclaimed herself the horniest girl in the house, I realized shes growing on me; I like her more and more. And, yes, Annie is neurotic and should most likely be seeing a therapist on a daily basis, but at least she's up front about her compulsions, which is more than I can say about some of the girls. Then theres Kate -- what is Kate's deal? I don't believe for a second that she's this small-town goody-goody who can't hang with the big girls. Wheres she from, you ask? Oh, she wandered in from this lil' po-dunk town called Boston, Massachussetts. I Googled it, and I guess they have a few no-name colleges and professional sports teams, and there was some big deal over tea and British rule back in the olden days, but thats about it for Boston. Boston is really just Wal-Marts and Taco Bells as far as the eye can see. She wouldnt have had any exposure to big-city culture there. Sheesh. I'm just counting the seconds till she cheats on her boyfriend or gets her eyes scratched out by Natalie. I can't wait. I hope when Natalie does scratch her eyes out, shes screaming DID I MENTION THAT I ALSO RUN HARVARD YARD, bitch?And that brings us to Natalie. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie. In this episode, she reveals that she's smitten for her New York "boyfriend." We call FALSE! Why haven't we heard about him before? And why does it sound more like he's talking to an aggressive ex-girlfriend than to the love of his life when they chat on the phone? Oh yes, because she shouldn't waste her money by visiting him. I don't know what you think, but it sounds real serious. And Natalies best friend is the grown-up little Miles from Moesha? It's all very fishy to me; I get the feeling that they met just before the show started, and he's using Natalie and the BGC to resurrect his acting career. This boy may not have an Emmy in his future, but if theres some manner of award for Least Rational Comeback Strategy, hes a shoo-in. Hey, at least he scored some tail.All in all, I think the most telling part of the night is not when Natalie taunts Flo the Lesbo with a strip tease in the pool, but when she calls her brother, who promptly calls her out.I think I love her brother for the following two reasons: 1.) You run LA? Why do you keep saying that? Sounds like you're out of control." and 2.) I bet a chin like that will look good on a man. Man, Natalies chin is totally out-of-control, even more so than the rest of her. Natalie may run LA, you guys, but her chin is so big its also taken on a monarchy role in Orange County. So far, were thinking Annie, Flo and Kendra are the most for-real of the bunch, while Natalie and Kate stick out as the biggest fakes. But who knows? With this bunch, we might change our minds completely by next week!Let us know what you think of the girls in your comments and be sure to tune in next week, Tuesdays at 10/9c on the Oxygen Network!

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