Episode 403 recap

By permanenteditor
This episode the girls have a house meeting and ultimately decide to let Natalie stay despite the fact that she hit Kendra IN THE FACE last week. Seriously. Natalie takes Kendra to dinner at Fogo de Chao to apologize and to build a relationship while the other ladies go to a club called Kress for bottles of booze and dancing. I think my favorite scenes are the ones showing the girls pulling themselves together the morning after a night of serious boozing. These girls are hardcore, yo!The next day the ladies hit up a roof party at the Renaissance Suites, where we get to see Kendra and Marcus flirt it up some more, and the girls proceed to leave Flo stranded without a ride, which does not go over well. Flo is seriously mad this episode, but I hope we get our beloved maternal Bad Girl back by the next episode! By the end it is clear that the house is dividing in a big way. One clique is Annie, Kate, and Amber, while Flo, Kendra, and Natalie have formed a group of their own. But where will Portia fit in? No Bad Girl is an island, my friends.FAKE:Annie for pole dancing while playing the innocent one every episode. Why would any goody-two-shoe take a pole-dancing class?Portia for saying she's giving her daughter an opportunity to meet her baby daddy's side of the family, but really she just wanted to get away for a few months to get drunk and act like a fool. She's not only fake, she's a bad parent.Who else is fake? You guessed it -- Natalie! Like every week! That apology was totally FAKE. She just wants back in the house and most certainly does NOT "sincerely feel bad." That girl is full of crap. I think Kate is totally right when she says Natalie is "playing the victim." Also, playing the Marcus card? She knows Kendra thinks he's cute and that was a low blow dangling it in front of her. Taking Kendra to dinner? THIS RELATIONSHIP IS SO FAKE! It seriously puts a bad taste in my mouth.REAL:Kendra is real! She wasn't going to pretend she and Natalie were going to be fine, but she was adult enough to sit down and talk with her about her side. That aside, WHHHHYYYYYYY did she say she could stay? I think here she is acting like a doormat, because Natalie does not deserve to stay. I don't think she is using Natalie for VIP status or for Marcus, I just think she's a kind person with low self-esteem. However, it will make the season more interesting . . .Although Pre-Breakdown Flo was pretty mean, she was still REAL this episode. Deep down I think she really just wants to help everyone out and doesn't want any drama. Later Flo carries Annie to bed after she gets so drunk she pukes in the limo. What a good friend! So adorable! Seriously, I love this girl. She is still my fav and she is still real! I think she had EVERY RIGHT to be mad when the girls left her at the roof party, but maybe not as mad as she got . . . Either way, she's not being fake at all, because she let everyone know exactly how she felt. I'm really hoping the dark side of Florina we saw this episode is not permanent.Guilty pleasure this episode? Natalie has terrible skin! Yay! Make sure to catch it Tuesdays at 10/9c on Oxygen.
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