Episode 405 recap

By permanenteditor
Another Crazy Bitch Joins the Casa de Bad GirlsThe previous divides in the house have gotten more severe this week on Oxygen's Bad Girls Club.  To recap, "The Extras" consist of Amber, Kate, and Annie while "The Leads" are Flo, Natalie, and Kendra.  Well, at least everyone thinks Kendra is on one of the teams but I think she is just sick of the fighting.  I think Kendra is just trying to keep it real without getting too involved in any dispute and trying not to piss anyone off.  Hey, I'd be scared of Natalie if I lived in that house, too.  Still, if these are the two groups I want to be an Extra.  Does anyone else miss Portia? :(

Is anyone else sick of the conversations between Natalie and her "boyfriend?"  She always seems to be talking AT him not TO or WITH him and I'm never really sure why she's upset.  Actually, I'm pretty sure she's not upset.  She's so fake that I'm pretty sure her crying fits are also fake and just to get attention. I'm just sick of Natalie altogether.  If she and her boyfriend end up breaking up and she gets her own dating show I will just die.  I would watch it every week, but I will hate myself a little (READ: A LOT) for it.

More importantly, WHY DOES NATALIE KEEP BRINGING THESE D LIST CELEBRITIES INTO THE HOUSE THEN ACT LIKE SHE'S HOT SH*T?  Does anyone know who Marcus Paulk or Gabe Pruitt are?  No.  Because Marcus hasn't done anything worth mentioning since Moesha in THE MID-NINETIES and Mr. Pruitt isn't actually playing basketball this year!  He did, however, get a DUI last year!  Go Team!

Since Portia had to leave the house last week for beating Natalie's ass (god bless her!) a new girl was introduced to the house: Lexie.  WATCH OUT, KATE!  SHE'S BLOND!  One of the first sentences out of her mouth is "Girls just don't like me!"   I can't tell yet if she's real or fake, good or bad, but I can guarantee we are going to get a wild time out of this girl!  OMG I REALLY HOPE SHE AND FLO HOOK UP! Considering Lexie got naked and went in the pool on her first night in the house I think all signs point to yes for a drunken lesbian hook-up.  Even though Flo has been a total bitch the past few episodes, she is still being real and I still have a girl crush on her.  ;)

Later the girls compete in the Screaming O contest at an adult toy convention and Natalie and Lexie win for best orgasm sounds!  Even though the orgasm sounds were faked, it comes from years and years of real experience!  I can't even imagine the amount of orgasms those girls have faked over the years. Annie did a cute little cheer while all the other girls slutted it up.  Thanks, Annie, for being real for another episode :)

The sneak peaks for next week suggest some more cat fights and I can't wait!  The Bad Girls Club airs every Tuesday night at 10/9 central on Oxygen.  For more Bad Girls Club gossip and weekly recaps check out www.evilbeetgossip.com
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