Episode 406 recap

By permanenteditor
Kate's boyfriend Paul comes to visit and Natalie puts the moves on right away! I'm not sure how I feel about this guy yet; he seems a little boring -- or what I like to call an NONP (no opinion no personality). Still, he makes Kate happy, and I think Kate was real this episode and is going to try and be more real as the season progresses. She gets mad at Natalie because, as we all know, Natalie is a GIANT BEYOTCH, and Kate throws Natalie's makeup out the window. Natalie retaliates by talking sh*t about Kate to Paul and spitting in Kate's face. DISGUSTING. Still, I'm not sure Natalie is being fake! I think she just has a personality disorder. Can we get this girl into some intensive individual therapy? I think she's mentally ill but being as real as she can be given her mental illness.Kendra was AMAZING this episode. After getting 'serviced' by a rando man she meets in da club she says, "If everybody had sex in this house, everybody would be friends. Guaranteed." And I think she is 100% right. She was being totally real and brutally honest with the audience when talking about the sex she's having and the sex the girls should be having. These girls are all in heat and really need to get some, but instead they're taking out their sexual frustrations on each other with drunken fights.Hey Lexie, do people still say 'totally buggin' ?!?! No, they do not. This isn't Clueless (RIP Brittany Murphy) and the '90s are long gone. I think she is trying, though. We got a glimpse of the real Lexie when she chatted with Kate's boyfriend, Paul, in the pool room. This Lexie is sweet, down-to-earth, and wants to find someone that makes her happy. Put some liquor in this girl and I think her insecurities take over. She was acting totally fake at the club and in the limo. She's just trying to fit in with all the other bad bitches of the house but I don't think she's coming off how she means to.As usual, Flo is aggressive and abrasive, but I still think she's being real. In her heart of hearts she has the best intentions for herself and the other girls. While at the club, Kendra is pretty much dry-humping the air in a miniskirt and a thong, because, ya know, that's how you get what you want in this town. Flo tries to pull her aside to get her to stop, but Kendra is a lady on a mission to get some (more) ass. Naturally, this gets blown way out of proportion and Flo and Kendra go at it in the limo. There was no hitting, but Flo manages to break the limo's interior lighting. When they get to the house it finally gets physical. Kendra gives Flo a little slap in the face and Flo pushes her. Flo ends the episode by saying "Ain't none of these bitches on my good side" and frankly it's a little scary! My girl crush for Flo may be fading . . . I think Annie is my girl now! Annie is still very real and very, very sick of all the drama. While these altercations are taking place at the mansion, Annie grabs a blanket and calls it a night on the pool furniture. I like your style, Annie :)Catch Bad Girls Club every week on Oxygen at 10/9c and make sure to get our thoughts on who is real and who is fake at www.evilbeetgossip.com after each episode!
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