Every time I got loud, the baby would kick me.

The road trip was fun! Lexie, Kendra, and myself had some good times. We got to know each other on a more real level. I felt bad that Annie had to watch us having fun. However, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!! I think if all the girls had stayed, the house would have been completely different. Friendships would have changed and people would have acted a lot differently. I think that Florina would have never been up Natalie's ass and she would have stayed chill if Portia had stayed. It would have still been difficult, but I think it all went downhill after Portia left.When Natalie walked out, I was hoping she was going to be civil enough to have a conversation. I could have done without seeing Florina again. She came out on some other sh*t! After about 5 seconds on stage, I knew that she did not learn anything and she was just going to be a PSYCHO. Out of everyone, I wanted to talk to her and apologize for some things, but she lost any respect I had left. I gave up on Florina! My biggest fear during the reunion was that someone was going to attack me. I did not want anything to happen to the baby. I did not want to get too upset because being pregnant is a blessing. I was only concerned about the baby. Being pregnant on the reunion was a constant reminder every time I got upset that my life has moved on from the BGC. I'm really just so HAPPY with my life. Every time I got loud, the baby would kick me. It was a reminder for me to calm down. I grew because of the Bad Girls Club. I did not want to fall back into the gap of the drama and negativity.

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