Everyone hated me even more.

I allowed him to stay the night, butOnce Portia was gone I honestly didn't care much, because she was just one less headache for me to deal with. Plus it was time for Portia to go... She was more worried about her boyfriend cheating on her than being in the house. The mood in the house was that everyone hated me even more because Portia was sent home. I don't care what anyone says, Kate could have said she "just didnt feel like going out" instead she said she doesnt want to go to a club where there are sweaty black aggressive men". I felt like Kate was extremely out of line to say anything about "black men" and I took it extremely offensive. I felt Lexie from the start was just really dingy and out there. She wasn't all that cute and I could tell she wasn't a fighter so I wasn't worried about Lexie at all. I didn't care what side Lexie was going to be on but if she thought she was going to be on the "Leads" she would have to prove she was bad girl enough to hang with us. It was fun to win the Screaming O contest, I know some of the girls downplayed the contest and backed out of it, but to me I'm always up for any challenge. I couldn't understand why some of the girls didn't want to participate in the contest, even though its the Screaming O contest all bad girls should be up for whatever the challenge is. I had a great time winning the contest with Lexie and partying with her at the "Sex Toy High Prom. I just wanted to have fun I didn't care what we did... get drunk and have a good time is all I wanted to do. Gabe (the NBA player) is just a friend... We went to college together and I've always just had fun partying with him. So I took Flo and Kendra to one of his events to have a good time... Gabe said a few things that were unexpected at the time, but the signs of him always wanting to hook up with me since college were there. I allowed Gabe to come back to the Bad Girls house and because of the crew rules after 3am no one was allowed to leave the grounds. I allowed him to stay the night, but I knew there were night vision cameras. A Bad Girl would never allow herself to get caught on camera, so nothing happened! xoxoxo

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