Everyone was sick of Flo.

I honestly felt like Amber was trying to have a good time and keep up with me, so she was having some fun and dancing with this guy that was suppose to be someone else's man in the club. I also felt the drama surrounding us when the one woman made the comment about that being her man. The first thing I was thinking was "well get your man, don't be mad at the girl. Amber's boyfriend Rich was a nice guy but when I saw him I actually couldn't believe my eyes. I did not expect him to be about 5 foot tall (half of Ambers size) and hair down his back. He was a nice guy but I felt like their relationship was more of just best friends. They talked to each other like "homies". Everyone was sick of Flo's wanna-be motherly self who pretended to care about others. She was so negative about everyone's actions it made people turn against her. She always made comments about people being "sluts" "whores" etc. When really Flo was jealous that she was not getting attention in LA. She made everyone in the house not want anything to do with her. As for me I was tired of Flo saying "gold-digger this gold-digger that" if Flo could get someone to buy her something she would, just no one wants her nasty ass so she has to put people down. When Flo left the house I decided to get everyone to bomb her with water balloons on the way out. I had made a bucket of water balloons earlier that day, and I honestly didn't want my hard work to go to waste so what better idea to bomb Flo as she's leaving the house running her mouth! GAME OVER FLO! POWWWW WATER BALLOON BOMBED LOL

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