Evil Beet 401 recap

Love Oxygen's Bad Girls Club? Well, so do we and it's back for its fourth season and it is fiercer than ever! Seriously, watching this premiere was like watching a sh*t-show of a finale, my friends. These girls are AT EACH OTHERS' THROATS and it is truly a joy to witness. So, who's fake and who's real? Let's discuss the new members of the fabulous L.A. mansion.First, there's Annie. She's pretty annoying in general (what's up with that voice and that suitcase full of diet food? I hope she's in therapy.), but as the premiere progresses you realize she really is a sweetheart and is trying hard not to piss anyone off too much. I have a feeling as the season continues we will see a few different sides to Annie . . .Next we are introduced to Natalie. Oh dear god, Natalie. She's an effing handful and just in case you missed it, she runs L.A. This girl is a pain in my ass, but sure to fill the drama quota for the season all on her own. Beet was lucky enough to get to chat with her before the premiere. Naturally we asked her if she was an only child as she appears completely self-obsessed in the first episode. For your information, she is not and she has an older brother. Next we inquired about Chris Brown as there has been a heap of gossip regarding the two. She denied these rumors but did dish about his man parts. So there ya have it. Our favorite girl this season? Flo. She is hands down the prettiest out of the ladies we were introduced to, although she does agree the camera does not reflect this. Seriously, I thought about going gay for this tall drink of water in skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Flo identifies as bisexual but I'm sure the majority of girls on this show do also once you get a lemon drop or seven in them. Dear god I hope she ends up hooking up with one of her housemates. Bottom line, I think this girl is for real. She may end up starting some stuff with people but I think she will do it for the right reasons.Kate, oh, Kate. This girl has some serious Daddy issues as evidenced by the fact she has never had a boyfriend she hasn't cheated on. Also, she sleeps with a sculpture of a male chest every night on the show. Adorable because she misses her boyfriend, or just plain creepy? As for Kate, well, I definitely think her hair is fake. Fake, Fake, Fake.Amber seems like a booze-aholic which I appreciate, but does not seem like she could throw down if needed. I'm getting the sheltered, snobby, white-girl vibe from this lady. She's labeled as 'The Trash Talker' and I 100% agree with this. She puts up a front and wants to get into fights but really has no reason to. She's so fake.So, the scene with Natalie and Annie in the bar before the other girls show up, I call shenanigans. Annie acts all high and mighty like she's disgusted with Natalie's flirtatious acts. I have a feeling we will see some serious promiscuity from Annie throughout the season. I mean, she flashed her na-na to the camera like a bagillion times within the first 5 minutes of being on the show. She was so fake here.But Natalie is full of it, too! She claims over and over that she runs L.A. yet she still needs Annie's I.D. to get into the second bar? Fake! Natalie is fake all over the place. She writes awful things about all the girls on their boards then won't even own up to it when confronted! FAKE!So far I think Flo and Portia are REAL, Portia will throw down but only when provoked. She said "we came here to have a good time, did we not? We didn't come here for drama!" and I think she meant it.I think a lot of the girls are putting on acts in this first episode and we have yet to see who is fake and who is real. We wanna hear who your favorites are and who you think is FAKE and who you think is REAL!The rest of the girls are a snoozefest so far, but they are on this show for a reason and I'm positive those reasons will be revealed soon enough. I think we are DEFINITELY in for the best season of Bad Girls Club yet. We are so excited for this season so make sure to catch it Tuesdays at 10/9c on Oxygen.

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