F*ck em all!

By permanenteditor
I thought the relationship between Kate and her friend Trish was great!!When Kate confessed to me that she was bisexual, I thought: shes not bisexual.I hate relying on people let alone things to get me around. Being on crutches just made me mad that I had to rely on sh*t!!I decided to watch Natalie and Rogdrick in the bedroom cuz Im a freak and it was hilarious that someone could have no shame in their game. LMFAO. I dont care. I am crazy! And I told you I am a pervert!!I was freakin pissed when Natalie lied to me about going out with Kendra, Kate, and Trish cuz they can never keep it real. They lie about everything, like kids lying to their mother. I dont care! You hurt my feelings more when you lie. If you dont want me to go out with you then just tell me you dont want a crippled person coming with you! F*ck em all!
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