F*cking pathetic b*tches will never be on my level!

Honestly I am very patient person and thought I would be able to have patience with the girls. However, I worked as a day care center teacher and had more patience for the kids -- at least they listened when you yelled at them. These girls were hard to be nice to. My reputation is definitely that people look at me as their friend, a real girl that they can see themselves hanging out with. I'm trustworthy and respected. This fits in with my lifestyle just as I thought it would. I knew I would be viewed as the only real girl, because I stood true to myself as always and lived it to the fullest. I was entertaining as I am in regular life and lovable. I think I ended with the best reputation: tough, sweet, sexy and real!!!! Honestly, when watching the clip of the girls throwing water balloons at me, I was irritated. By that point, anything I would have seen would have irritated me. I came to a realization that these girls were just fake and deserved no respect from a genuine person like myself. I really didn't know how phony they were all being with me until I saw it air. I didn't even think they were so afraid of me that they never said sh*t to me, just behind the camera. F*cking pathetic b*tches will never be on my level! I had no fear at all the reunion show whatsoever. I knew what was going to happen. I could have and did control that whole room when I came out, and if I wanted the situation to go differently it would have. I made it go as planned from the get go. NO FEAR BABY!!! One thing in life I CANNOT stand is when someone pretends to like you and acts like you're their best friend, and the whole time you say nothing but nice things about them to try and make them look good, and then you find out that the person doesn't like you, is scared of you, never had any respect for your, talked about you behind your back like a f*ckin lil girl, made fun of you and everyone else around them, and used other people's weaknesses against them. At the reunion I realized Natalie was only pretending to be my friend the whole time so I could be on her team. I like to stand alone and that's why people respect me. I don't act nice to get someone on my team. I thought our friendship was real, and it was all fake just like her! So I did what I had to do to let her know I am not the motherf*cking one! At least I knew those other skanks didn't like me!! By the way, the show sucked when I left!!!!!!!!! I am the BAD GIRLS CLUB. The rest of them are just bad people!!!! I am a BAD GIRLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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