Flo and I were on shaky terms.

By permanenteditor
I didn't really talk to Kate all that much at this point but from what she did tell me Trish was JUST her best friendThen when Trish came I realized she was a lot more than that. I don't knock it Do what you do :) I was not quite sure what was happening at first between Natalie and Rogdrick. I thought Natalie might have been going a little too fast with Rogdrick seeing that her and Olamide were still on the rocks. I mean, I understand "getting some" but to make him your boyfriend is a little extreme, but what people do with their relationships is up to them. I have been told that messing with a girl while you have a boyfriend is cheating but I think that men and women are on different parallels. So, I don't think what Kate did with Trish was cheating. But then again I probably wouldn't tell my boyfriend. So...... First of all, I asked Flo if she wanted to go with us the night we went to the club without her. I didn't want her to, but I felt it was only fair to ask. She said she didn't want to go and of course she said it with an attitude, but we quickly left right after that. Again I have to reminded people Flo and I were on shaky terms. I knew she would be mad but we needed a night out without the "CAST".
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