Honestly, Natalie was entertaining and I kept her. The End.

Natalie owed me! And I felt that was a good spot to be in.Natalie and I were cool prior to the incident in the limo. We had only been in the house for a short amount of time.. and even though I thought it was wrong for her to even attempt to hit me, I felt somewhat responsible for making her mad. I could have been a b*itch about it and sent her home but I knew that I signed up for the BAD GIRLS CLUB not summer camp and things like that were probably going to happen. Ive needed second and third chances in my life so I gave her one. Plus Natalie wanted to have a good time. Besides the whole "I RUN LA" thing she did know people and I wasn't about to send my FREE personal tour guide home! If Natalie would have left no one would have known good places to go, how to get there, or the LA scene. Annie would have had us in karaoke bars for 10 weeks!!! When I talked to my mom on the phone, she said that maybe I shouldve sent Natalie home. My mom and I hardly agree so it was no surprise that she didn't like the fact that I kept Natalie. I dont blame her! The girl hit her child. But I had no marks on my face, no scratches or bruises so I was perfectly fine. At the end of the day I wanted to be the bigger person. I felt my choice to keep her gave me some leverage. Natalie could NEVER say that I never did anything for her--she owed me! And I felt that was a good spot to be in.The other girls accused me of being fake for choosing to keep Natalie in the house, but Who gives a damn if the other girls called me fake? I dont know who made them the judge of who's "real" or not in the first place. I was not there for anybody else but me. My goal was never to make everybody happy. My goal while living in the house was to make me happy! That "group think" stuff was lame and I did what I wanted to do. Honestly, Natalie was entertaining and I kept her. The End.When Marcus came to the pool club I was happy to see anyone besides my roomates!!!!!! Marcus is a cool person to be around.

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