I am the ultimate bad girl, but a socialite.

By permanenteditor
When I first arrived at the house I thought Annie was a greeter. I thought I was the first girl in the house and I honestly thought she was there to greet me. Then I found out she was my roommate after looking at the pictures on the wall. I was so unsure after that. I didnt know what her role was or what my first instincts were at the door. Then Annie and I went to the club and invited everyone to join us at the V.I.P. section. The girls were upset with me after I wrote all over their pictures, so I didnt know what to expect cause everybody was attacking me. Like why did they think I wrote those comments? Why couldnt it have been Annie? So I didnt know what my first impressions were of everyone because they were upset with me. I joined The Bad Girls Club to see if there are any other bad girls like me. Like in the sense of socialites, party girls, dancing on tabletops, just being social you know, those kinds of people. It was like trying to find a friend to keep up with me. I have a lot of friends who are party girls and movie stars, but I dont think they can keep up with me. I am the ultimate bad girl, but a socialite. These girls couldnt handle me. Im still looking for a bad girl who could keep up with me. For example, Kendra and Kate for sure were along the lines of being a socialite and I thought they could keep up with me. But they failed and Kate had a boyfriend on the show. It was because Kate had a boyfriend she cant do what Im doing. Then Kendra and I just clashed.When Annie and I were at the Saddle Ranch club they did not kick me out for not having my ID, they kicked me out because someone threw a drink. I didnt think it was fair. The bartender threw her drink at Annie and I first. When you re-watch the episode, the bartender picks up her drink and literally threw a glass at Annie and me. Before I reacted, I asked why she did it. She just brushed me off and then I threw my Red Bull at her. At the next club, I set up this V.I.P. room at the hottest spot in L.A. for all the girls to meet. We went to Area, a really hot club at the time. I wanted all the girls to meet at this spot. What better place than a socialite hot spot to meet all these girls? Although honestly, I didnt expect them to be so pissed off at me about the pictures. They all attacked me. I guess they were so ungrateful. They should not have been mad. I didnt even remember what I wrote on their pictures. I know I say, I run L.A. a lot. Which reminds me I was walking on the streets of San Francisco and all these kids come up to me. They start saying, I run L.A.! I run L.A.! The show didnt even premiere yet! This season everyone can expect to see me having the strongest personality in the house. I have the strongest personality and its not because the cameras are around. Its not because Im trying to prove a point or who I know. Its really me. So I hope the viewers dont think I am acting. I hope they dont think Im doing too much just because I want to be more of a star. In real life, I am the Go to Girl whose personality is out of this world. I bring it to this show.
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