I didn't want my night to be wrecked.

I didn't really think that Kate's boyfriend affected the "sexual tension" in the house. He and Kate mostly just did there own thing, although it was nice to have someone in the house to talk about sports with. I think that seeing Kate with her boyfriend made Amber miss Rich even more, but other than that, it was just life as usual. I'm fully okay with nakedness, but am not as comfortable with sex being openly displayed and talked about all the time. While I did speak about it sometimes, I think most of the time I took a back seat when the girls were talking about sex. I was brought up in a very conservative household, where that wasn't something that was talked about. Actually, I think until recently, my parents were still saying I was delivered by a stork (which was totally okay with me). I guess for me, sex is something that you just don't really talk about. The other girls were brought up in very different households, so they were much more comfortable discussing it and having it on camera. There is nothing wrong with that, and I respect their comfort, it is just not my style. I had a good time at the Viper Room. It was fun going to a place with so much history, and I really felt connected to the history of the venue when I walked into it. It was so fun going to a live performance and dancing with Thunderdick on the stage. They were all really great guys. It was fun having the change in music, because I was getting really bored hearing the same five songs at every bar that we went to. While I don't generally listen to hard rock, it was nice hearing music that I was a bit more familiar with.While Lexie and Kendra were acting their age at Viper Room and Kress and having a good time, I also wanted to have a good time, appropriate for my age. I didn't feel like being the mediator, and I kind of realized that I wanted to have a good time too. I needed to keep my nose out of the drama that didn't directly involve me. While it might have been a bit selfish, I just wanted to concentrate on myself that evening. Lexie and Kendra were drunk, but instead of just being fun, happy (possibly vomiting) drunks, they were saying hurtful things to people and I didn't want my night to be wrecked. By this time, I was so over all of the stupid fights that had happened in the house, I just totally excused myself from this one and slept out on the cabana. It was so nice knowing that even though they were all having drama in the house (and seriously, how did it even start), I was able to get a good night's rest and not be involved in drama. When I came back into the house in the morning, Flo had to fill me in on what had happened. After hearing that, I was even happier that I had decided to sleep outside on the cabana.

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