I do not want NATALIE to be in the house.

It is no surprise. I do not want NATALIE to be in the house. When Natalie came back something just did not seem to make sense to me -- Kendra got punched! Kendra letting Natalie stay seemed selfish. Kendra kept saying it wasn't because of Marcus, but it was the common bond between the two of them at the time. Kendra came to me and asked me not to be upset with her, and I wasn't so much upset, just disappointed, because it was kinda the first sign to me I was there to look out for myself, ONLY! The pool party was a lot of fun for me, I was just trying to have a good time! We had great food, drinks, and music a good July 4th to me!! All of us seemed to be getting along, and it was the first time it was real fun to me!! We had planned to go out, so I headed back to the room to shower, and get ready. When I got to the room, Portia, Annie, Kate, and Florina had decided they did not want to go out. And after what just happened in the house, I did NOT want to go out with just Natalie and Kendra! So I agreed with them to go back to the house. While I finished getting my stuff together, a lot of things were said, by all of us, but Florina seemed the most adamant about how the Natalie and Kendra situation was bullcrap. It was decided that we needed to tell them we were leaving, not to just leave them, so we all walked back to the pool area to let them know we were out. Something that should have been quick, well a person would think, but no! Florina stayed as we all walked to the car. We waited in the car for her to come, time past and she still did not come out. So I told Annie to leave. Florina wanted to leave more than I did, so instead of worrying about Natalie and her "friends", she should have came to the car. Annie did not have to drive away though. No one else said wait for her, so Florina got left with Natalie and Kendra. I knew Florina was going to be mad when she got home, and I didn't want to deal with it. She had a right to be upset at all of us. No one defended her or told Annie to stay! We all were in the wrong by leaving her, however, Annie drove so it was her final choice to drive away or not. She did NOT have to listen to me!! Florina came in the house like a tornado, and I was in bed and covered my head with my blanket. I saw how she grabbed Natalie up. I was not dealing with her till morning! Florina stood over my bed telling me I was dead to her. I'm not stupid enough to argue with her when she is that mad! Portia jumped up to explain, but she and Kate were just as responsible as Annie and I, by not saying anything at all! I was wrong for telling Annie to leave.I thought Kendra was being fake, because she just got punched in the face by the same girl she is acting like is her BFF. I really thought Kendra was a cool girl, and I really liked something about her, but I couldn't get past what was going on in the house! Kendra always made a point to want to hear everything, but she only listened to what she agreed with, and that just did not seem correct. Hearing and listening are very different! I just saw it as, Kendra wanted to know what was going on, but did not really care! So why act like you care when you do not! This was just another reason why I was beginning to not care about the housemates.The difference between a classy girl and trashy girl, is the way the girl carries herself on a normal basis. A classy girl has confidence, doesn't always need to be the center of attention, but has a way of having all eyes are her for a positive reason. A trashy girl tends to believe she has confidence but really there is a lack. She thinks any attention, positive or negative, is good and will do anything to have all eyes on her! In the house, I think we all wanted to be classy, however, we all had our moments of trashy. When it came to having to do something professional we all knew how to be classy professionals.

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