I felt like Kate stabbed me in the back.

Kate lost all respect from me.After I allowed Florina to stay, living in the house was much calmer for me. Florina was putting on an act to my face, and ALL the other girls started to see that she was not being real. I did not want to be friends with Florina, so I just tried to keep my distance for the most part. Her and I weren't fighting about stuff, but you could feel the tension. Annie was upset because I let Florina stay and I think that's what I was most concerned about. I wanted her to respect my decision. Florina and I seemed to be "getting along" but soon after I let her stay, Natalie told me Florina had been saying she played me. I really did not like or respect the girl at all. At 26 years old, she should have just been real to me, but than again she wasn't real to anyone so why did I allowed myself to think she would be with me? MY MISTAKE! I had two sides to the thinking about Florina's ankle. 1- I felt really bad! And 2- She just lied to my face. KARMA let the b*tch hop around the house. Most of the time I really felt bad because now she couldn't participate in all the events that we did. I think karma took over in that case. I got thrown which was karma on my side, and she got hurt which was Karma on hers. When I saw that Kate was being all "buddy buddy" with Natalie, I felt like Kate stabbed me in the back. I'm pretty sure that when Kate got spit on by Natalie, I was the one there helping her clean herself and made sure she was okay. Her own boyfriend didn't even come back inside to see if she was okay! And now they are buddies? Something just wasn't making sense. I thought that Natalie must have had a motive because her and Kate just didn't seem like any sort of real friendship to me. Kate still wanted to be nice to my face, and act like we were still there for each other, but in my eyes, the girl lost all respect from me. So I let her think what she wanted, but began to keep my distance from her.TEAM ANNIE! This is when I decided, Annie was a cool chick, and I really liked to be around her. She finally got a backbone to say how she felt to Natalie. And than while we were out she was all about sticking up for herself with Kate. I didn't know if we just talked to the beast into coming out of Annie, but I liked this side of her. I was so proud of Annie. That sounds funny but I really was proud of her because she stayed out of almost everything and now she was finally coming out of her shell. I liked Annie when she was chill and quiet, but now I liked her even more because I knew she could take care of herself when it came to an argument, she wasn't going to back down or cry!

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