I had enough!

By permanenteditor
Of course I knew Flo was going to do something after I slapped her but her pushing me was the least I thought she would do since she's built like a dude. I think that she knew she was in the wrong. So she didn't take it there. Like I have always said I don't like hitting or fighting but she blew smoke in my face twice! The first time I swatted it out of my face but then she did it again! Then I smacked her. It was a night full of Flo being disrespectful and I had enough! I didn't smack her to start a fight, I smacked her so she would shut the f*ck up. I knew Flo wasn't having any luck with guys AT ALL so she already had some animosity towards everybody in the house. She had already called Natalie and Kate sluts and whores so it was my turn but it didn't faze me one bit. I was having a good time. I felt like she looked just as bad talking like that as she thought I did dancing...It's unattractive. Flo's not as feminine as the rest of us. She comes off tough and aggressive instead of soft and flirty. She was slowly starting to lose it in the house. I think Flo has a strong sexual appetite just like I do and we were both single and on the same page about guys until she saw me getting attention and she wasn't. She started comparing herself to me...She should have never done that :) Even though I bring guys to the house it doesn't mean that I do something with them! I had to be around my roommates 24/7 so of course I wanted to be around men. I had been single for a while and I was horny I'll admit it :) I dont like to sleep around so I was holding auditions LOL! A lot of the guys in LA just got on my nerves! Kate= boyfriend Amber=boyfriend Natalie= boyfriend (kind of) Annie= Cat/still on her Ex, Lexie= umm :) Flo= Not Getting Any Play SoKendra= Yes wanted a man!!! :)
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