I just don't like Flo.

Flo and I fought because she was still mad about her exit from the house and that was the way she showed it. I just dont like Flo. I think she is a really bad person. In life you are not supposed to judge people the way she does. I keep in touch with some of the girls. Kendra, Lexie and Amber. Sometimes Flo. They reach out to me and we talk based on where we are. I didnt really care to see Portia again. I dont get my feelings mixed up with people. I have way too much going on in my life to care. I learned from this experience that I am one of the baddest bad girls in America. I dont care what people think about me. I am living and I am living lavish. I do me and that is what a bad girl is all about. I laugh at what people say. I dont care what ever they say about me. I learned my true attitude. I didnt go there to make friends. I wasnt looking for a bad girl BFF. Maybe that should be my Bad Girl spin off. You can love me or hate but you better believe there is a lot more coming from me. Sooner or later you will see more of me, dont worry.

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