I just knew Kendra was a groupie.

I chose not to mention my daughter to the other girls before I was specifically asked because it was my way of protecting her. Flo and I really hit it off. I was interested in developing a better friendship with her over some of the other girls because Flo seemed like she was the realest in the house.I was mad at for Kendra for being fake when she admitted she only let Natalie stay in the house to take advantage of Natalies LA connections. Immediately I just knew Kendra was a groupie and she lost all respect from me. I can't respect someone who doesn't have any dignity or self-pride and will do whatever just for a few minutes in the limelight.I did regret leaving Flo at the pool club but we WAITED FOREVER! It started to feel like she didn't really want to go after all and we felt played. I expected her to be upset but I really don't think she was justified.

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