I know how to control a person.

By permanenteditor
Kate and I were never going to be friends, but I know how to play the "friends game." I knew that by Kate wanting to switch over and become my friend I would make her look stupid. She had done crap talking about me the entire show! I also knew I would upset Kendra and show that she was territorial over our friendship. I know how to control a person. I know the other girls in the house didn't like the fact that Kate and I were hanging out, but when does Natalie ever care what other people have to say. If thats another way to get people to talk about me... so be it. I WIN! =) To be honest, I wanted Annie to finally come out and say something for herself... if she was going to be considered part of the BAD GIRLS CLUB then one thing she was going to leave here doing was sticking up for herself. I wanted Annie to learn to stand up for herself because I knew after the show aired people would try and test her Bad Girl ways. It was almost like me preparing Annie for what's to come from being on the show. I don't regret it. I know that since Annie finally stood up for herself to the baddest bad girl in the house she would finally have some strength to carry on after the show as well. I was so happy that she finally said something back to me. Did I think she was completely strong now? NO. But did she improve? YES.
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