I Snapped on Kendra

Drama always seems to find "BAD GIRLS" no matter what.When I said "I created Kendra" what I meant was a lot of me was rubbing off on to Kendra. In the beginning of the show Kendra didn't have much to her, but by the end after spending months with me she was becoming a mini me. It was like a boost of confidence for her. Getting her a new weave, styling her with better clothes etc. She was becoming more of a woman who stands out in a crowd, instead of just being a pretty face she was making a name for herself. When we got to Santa Barbara I was excited -- college town, lots of clubs and bars and some fun in the sun. We got to shop, hang, and meet some new people. But of course drama always seems to find "BAD GIRLS" no matter what. When the police pulled me over to explain to me that I was not suppose to have a beer in my hand on the side of the street I was on, I said I understood and would go back around to the other side of the rope, but the reason I was upset was because the beers in my hand weren't even for me. I don't even drink beer, Lexi wanted me to ask these guys for the beer so she could drink them. So as I took the beers I was handing them to the girls when the cops stopped me. Next thing you know I'm getting the ticket and Kendra's yelling (drunk) at the cops... My problem was just if Kendra would have shut up maybe I could have explained the situation to the police and been done. The ticket was not the issue. The issue to me was I no matter what had to come all the way back to the county of Santa Barbara which is 4 hours away to pay it in person and why was I getting this ticket when these girls were the ones who wanted the beer?I snapped on Kendra when she was talking to me "the way I talk to people." I was beyond myself when I saw this girl acting like she was better than me. When she said just pay the ticket and shut up... that did it for me, besides when she pushed me. I honestly did not want to hit Kendra, so I put my hands around her neck. Lexi and Amber claim they jumped in to break up the fight....but I felt my hair being pulled and a hit on the back of my head. They were not trying to break the fight up, by pulling my hair.

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