I wanted her to shut up.

I have a friend with a severe eating disorder so I know a lot about the disease and Annie did not resemble a person with one. She is just an extremely insecure girl with a bad self-image. Living with her I noticed that she ate just as much as the rest of us, if not more. The only difference was, she took multiple diet pills, laxatives, and diuretics to try and "undo" the damage. I lost a lot of weight in high school with a low carb diet, no alcohol, and exercise five days a week. This is the only real way to lose weight and keep it off. I worked out as often as I could while living in the house but I never saw Annie work out at all or join in on any group workouts. Annie bragged about being anorexic in her attempt to make herself feel like she was skinny. Annie needs severe psychological counseling to increase her self-esteem. The worst thing you can do ever do is try to compliment a person like Annie to make her feel better. It will make her think that whatever she is doing must be working and will continue to do so. I went for a run one morning and while I was out the girls had split up all the chores in the house. When I came back to the house everyone was cleaning. When I was asked what I could do, I got the response, "Well we already split everything up so just fix something if you see it out of order". I did this and when I was finished I put on my bikini to go to the pool. Afterwards, some of the girls told me that the showers needed cleaning. Since everyone was about to take showers for the day, I asked if it would be better to clean them after everyone had taken one. Kendra preferred this and so did many of the other girls, so I went down by the pool to wait for everyone to take a shower. Natalie however, did not take a liking to this. She went on for hours yelling and continued all day. Natalie always found a reason every day to yell about something, not because she cared that much, but because she needed the attention. Putting down the other girls around her was her way of making herself look better. I ended up cleaning the shower after two hours of unnecessary yelling. I wanted her to shut up because it was a beautiful day and I wanted to relax outside.Immature arguments are a waste of my time and I tried to not be a part of most of them on the show. Natalie needed to shut up and I wasn't going to be another Annie and not stick up for myself so I sprayed her with Windex to clean out that loud obnoxious mouth of hers. Even though I was annoyed, I apologized and I meant it. It had only been a few days living together and we had a long summer ahead. I did not want to be on bad terms with anyone in the house that early on. Plus, holding a grudge over cleaning would be ridiculous. I figured if I could be friends with Natalie I could get into her head more.The fight between Natalie and Kendra was the result of too much alcohol. Everyone in the house is dealing with a lot more than meets the eye. When placed in a stressful environment like the Bad Girls Club, people tend to take their emotions out on each other. Kendra was just trying to help Natalie but because she was drunk she may have been too aggressive for Natalie's liking. That was not a reason for Natalie to act the way she did. Living in the Bad Girls house was supposed to be fun, but Natalie only made it stressful. So at that point, I think everyone was happy Natalie hit Kendra because we all wanted her to go home.

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